When selling your investment, the proceeds of this sale are classified as Unsettled Cash for a period of 5 business days until they are deemed as settled (“Settlement Period”).

Only once they have settled can you withdraw them to your bank account.

We have introduced an Early Settlement feature on the website. To use the feature, we charge 20 basis points ( 0.2%) of the value we are settling early and the funds will be in your bank account either:

1. That evening if the submission is made before 12h00 (mid-day) on a business day.

2. The evening of the following business day if the submission is made after 12h00 on the preceding business day

Example: You need R4,000 today (Tuesday). You already have R1,000 sitting in available funds, so you sell R3,000 worth of Capitec shares at 09h00 on the Tuesday morning.

Under normal settlement rules, the funds would only be available to withdraw the following Tuesday.

If you opt for early settlement and make the request before 12h00 on the Tuesday, you would pay R6 (0.002 x R3,000) and the funds would be in your bank account on Tuesday evening.

Please note:

1. The examples above refer specifically to business days. Submissions made on weekends / public holidays will only be processed on the next business day.
2. Funds from early settlement submissions made after 12h00 on a Friday, will only clear on Monday evening 

How do I request an early settlement?

You can request an early settlement by clicking on the link on the Withdrawal page of the account from which you want to make the withdrawal. See highlighted hyperlink in the image below

This should open an email in your default email app, pre-populated with your account details. Please complete the details and send to us.

What do I do if the link doesn't work??

If clicking on the link seems to do nothing, this is due to an issue with the setup on your PC / device and not an issue with the EasyEquities website.

We have built an FAQ article to help clients try and fix this, which you can access here - Email an invitation doesn't work

Please scroll to just below the first image (which relates to where this link function is used for our refer a friend option) and start from the "How do I fix it?" text.