Why can't I make a withdrawal?

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We've put certain processes in place to make sure we run our platform as efficiently as possible, and at the same time keep fraudsters out of our community. 

This means that there are a few scenarios that could result in you not being able to immediately withdraw funds from your EasyEquities account. The below outlines what each of these reasons could be, and how to get things resolved.

Make sure your bank account is verified

If you're prompted to verify your bank account details, you will need to do so before you can withdraw your funds. Take a read through this article here for more information.

Locked funds

As a responsible financial institution, we do our best to play our part in making sure that both your money and EasyEquities is safe from people using the platform with the wrong intentions in mind. Funds recently deposited may be subject to certain locked time periods depending on your type of deposit.

  • EFT deposits - 5 days 
  • Instant EFT – 5 days 
  • Debit order deposits - 40 days 
  • Credit and debit card – 10 days 
  • Promotional vouchers - 3 years 
  • Gift cards and vouchers that you redeem – 14 days

Whilst your funds are locked you will be able to buy and sell but will not be able to withdraw them to your bank account. Take a read through this article here for a detailed example.

Unsettled Cash

These are funds that are available from a recent sale that has not yet completed the settlement process. You will be able to buy and sell with these funds but will not be able to withdraw them to your bank account until the funds have settled or you have requested Early Settlement. You are able to speed up this waiting period by making use of our early settlement functionality Read more here on how early settlement works.

Read more on unsettled cash here.

Withdrawal cutoff

The cutoff for withdrawals is 14:00 Monday to Friday. If your withdrawal is requested after this time or on a public holiday, it will only be processed on the next business day

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