What does "We need some information from you" message on withdrawals page mean?

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Why can’t I withdraw?

If you are unable to enter a withdrawal amount on the withdrawal page and instead see a message reading "We need some more information from you", it means that we need to verify your source of funds and reverify your identity as part of our ongoing due diligence obligations under FICA.

What is ongoing customer due diligence?

You can read up on what custom due diligence is in our 'What is CDD?' FAQ article.

What do we need from you?

Please send formal documentary evidence from the applicable category below to fica@easyequities.co.za.

You may have funded your account with deposits that would fit into categories 1 and 2 below, in which case please consider sending us a document from both:

  1. Funds of a regular / frequent nature (ie. Salary, commission, fees etc)
  • Copy of IRP5 (no older than the previous tax year)
  • Copy of a payslip (no older than 3 months old) 
  • Copy of minimum of two (2) months bank statements (no older than 3 months old) 
  • Any other 'formal' documents that may be able to prove your earnings to us - for example:
    1. ITA34 (Income Tax Assessment)
    2. ITR12 (Income Tax Return - after submission)
  1. Funds of an irregular / infrequent nature

If you have made a deposit / deposits that are of a larger than normal sum and of an irregular nature (e.g. a bonus, inheritance, commission, proceeds on sale of assets) please email documentary evidence of that / those particular deposits to us for review.

  1. Funding of a Juristic Entity (eg. Pty (Ltd), partnership, cc, etc)
  • The latest set of Annual Financial Statements, OR
  • Three (3) months bank statements in the name of the entity, showing revenue inflows

 As soon as they receive this information, our client engagement team should be able to verify your information, make any necessary updates and release the withdrawal hold.

If they need to clarify anything, they may contact you for further information.

ID Verification

We may also need to reverify your identity by having you perform a simple liveness test, which you can do on your mobile phone camera or webcam. We will send you a separate email with instructions on how to complete this.

Should you have any questions / concerns about customer due diligence, please log a ticket with the topic CDD and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

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