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My deposits are not reflecting

First, don’t panic If you used our correct Bank Account details, we should have the funds, but may not know where to allocate them. 


Second, ask yourself: 

  • Did I use the correct Deposit Reference? This is crucial for us to know who the funds came from. 
  • The Deposit Reference is the full 13/14-character account number displayed on the account overview page of that respective account, i.e.., ZAR, TFSA, RA

Don’t know how to find your Account specific reference number? 

Check out this FAQ if you’re struggling -  


If you have not used the correct deposit reference, then all you need to do is send proof of payment to with the correct deposit reference, and we will be able to allocate your funds. 


What can I use for proof of payment? 

  • Anything that will show us our banking details (the account you made the deposit into) 
  • Receipt of deposit/deposit slip/confirmation of deposit


EasyEquities does not accept the below as proof of payment

  • Bank Statement (we will not be able to see our banking details on the bank statement) 
  • Screenshots of SMS’s indicating X amount going off your bank account 


I’ve used the correct deposit reference, but my funds still aren’t reflecting, why? 

  • This could be because the funds have not cleared in our account yet, and this could take up to 24 hours to clear. Once the funds reflect, we will be able to allocate them to your account. 

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