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My deposits are not reflecting

Your deposit is not reflecting. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

You either fall into two categories


  • Eager Beaver – we’ve all been there, rushing ahead because we are so keen to get going! But please give our system time to allocate your funds.




  • Ditsy Betty. Depositing funds to your account with the incorrect reference, or, no reference at all. Again, something we all do but without your correct and full account number, your deposit will be delayed.



Please note the following VERY important information to assist us:


-We need your PDF proof of payment. NOT a photo of your phone with an SMS on it. PDF, please. This is for your and our protection.


-We need your EE Account number (Eg. EE12345-67890) to where the funds should be allocated to.  Your correct and full account number.


-Inter-Account transfers to the US takes 2 business days to conclude. 


-At present, Standard Bank allocations can take up to 24 Hours for allocation and when Standard Bank resolves this, we will advise.


-Some SID payments currently can take up to 48 hours for allocation. We are working hard to ensure we allocate those funds as soon as possible and will refund you your SID fee as this is not acceptable.


Here is a video you can watch around the EasyEquities Platform -


You can Submit a Ticket with the information required.

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