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Where can I see the discount I receive on brokerage once I've linked the widget?

From the moment your EasyEquities account is linked via the Capitec widget, you will receive a 20% discount on the commission you pay on each transaction you make on the widget. 

This is called brokerage commission and it is shown to you in a breakdown of costs when you are in the process of transacting on the widget. 

It forms part of your "Investment costs" which appears just before you select Buy to confirm your transaction. It also appears on the invoice which is emailed to you once your transaction goes through. 

The 20% discount is automatically applied to your brokerage costs when you transact via the widget. 

You pay 0.25% commission on the value of your transaction if transacting on the EasyEquities website/app, but when you transact via the Capitec widget, you only pay 0.2% commission.

You will not be able to see the discount displayed as a line item in your invoice or on the widget while you are transacting, but it will reflect in the value of the brokerage you are being charged. If you would like to check that the discount is being applied simply do the following calculation:

Brokerage costs divided by the overall value of your transaction, multiplied by 100. This will bring you to 0.2%.

The discount is applied to the brokerage fee you are charged and not as a separate item on your invoice.

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