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Buying & selling shares using your Discovery Bank app

With Discovery Bank, we’ve made it even easier to invest in the companies you know and love, simply by using your banking app.
Not linked yet? Here’s an FAQ explaining how.

Buy shares using your Discover Bank app:

  • Tap on your EasyEquities Portfolio
  • Tap “Invest”
  • Select the account you want to invest in (ZAR, TFSA, USD etc)
  • Next, select the investment type (equities, ETFs, etc)
  • Find the shares you want by either filtering the investment categories, or by searching for an instrument by name
  • Tap “Buy”
  • On your Discovery Bank app, you can decide whether you wish to include the transaction fees from the purchase amount, or to add the them on top of the amount you wish to purchase for
  • Input your amount and push “Next”

If you do not have enough funds in your account, read how to transfer funds here.

How to Sell your shares:

  • Tap on your EasyEquities Portfolio
  • Tap the account where the shares you own are held (ZAR, TFSA, USD etc)
  • Tap the share you want to sell
  • Click “Sell”
  • Decide on a % or amount to sell
  • Click “Next”

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