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Activating your remaining account types using your Discovery Bank app

There are nine accounts available for you to invest in. The ZAR, TFSA and USD accounts are immediately accessible, but you can choose to activate any (or all) of the additional accounts available.

Active accounts:

  • EasyEquities ZAR: JSE-listed shares
  • EasyEquities TFSA: Tax-Free Savings Account
  • EasyEquities USD: US-listed shares

Additional accounts you can activate:

  • EasyEquities AUD: ASX-listed shares
  • EasyEquities GBP: UK-listed shares
  • EasyEquities EUR: Euro-Listed shares
  • EasyEquities RA: Retirement Annuity
  • EasyProperties: own shares in various properties
  • EasyCrypto: buy the top coins or customised crypto bundles

To activate your remaining account available to you, click on the central "EasyEquities" button when viewing your portfolio on your banking app (just above "Invest" & "Pending Orders"), and log into your account.

Scroll to the bottom of your accounts, and click on the plus (+) icon

Toggle on and off any other accounts available to you

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