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What do I need to know about the EasyCredit application process?

Applying for your EasyCredit loan can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Activate your EasyCredit account.

  • Log in to your EasyEquities account
  • Click on your profile menu (top right) and select Account Management
  • Select Activate New Accounts
  • Select EasyCredit

Alternatively, if you are using the EasyEquities app, you will have the option to activate this account by selecting the EasyCredit card on the Portfolio tab of your account. 

2. Find out what you qualify for.

  • In the first step of this process, you’ll be able to see whether you are eligible for an EasyCredit loan or not. 
  • Select the accounts you would like to pledge
  • Choose the value of your loan
  • Review your costs
  • Do an affordability check
  • Upload supporting documents.

A credit check will be done as part of your application. 

To increase the loan value that you are eligible for, you can deposit funds into your EasyEquities account.

3. Give us some time to process your application

Applications will be processed within 5 days.

If your application is successful, we will provide you with a quote and pre-agreement statement for your review and acceptance. This quote will remain valid for 5 business days provided that your pledged account(s) balance remains sufficient to cover the required collateral security.

4. Getting your borrowed funds.

Once your application has been approved, and if you accepted the provided quote, your funds will be automatically allocated to your EasyEquities ZAR account.


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