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Verify or update your bank account details

You can have two bank accounts linked to your EasyEquities (one for your ZAR/TFSA and one for your USD account) and you may have already entered these details whilst registering your account.

You will need to have verified bank account details in order to access certain features like Recurring Investments and Withdrawals. 

Verify your bank account details

We do have an automated verification that takes place but sometimes this may require us to do additional manual verifications as your bank may not support the automated verification or it may have failed.

If you have entered your bank account details and have been asked to verify them, please submit a ticket either a bank statement or a bank account confirmation letter attached in order for us to verify the details (either not older than 3 months).

Change your bank account details

If you have entered your details incorrectly or would like to update them to a different account, please submit a ticket with the information below in order for us to change the details for you.

  • Bank statement or bank account confirmation letter (either not older than 3 months)
  • Your user name or EasyEquities account number
  • Your ID number
  • Your cellphone number
  • Name of the bank where your bank account on record with us is held

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