First World Trader (Pty) Ltd trading as EasyEquities is a Financial Services Provider and as such are obligated to comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001 (FICA). 

As a result of the act, we are therefore required to find out just who our EasyEquities clients are, and we do this by asking for certain documentation from them.

The type of documents we require from clients depend on whether they are opening the account as an:

  • Individual
  • Minor (person under the age of 18), or
  • Corporate Body (Eg. Company, close corporation, partnership, trust etc.)
  • Other Legal Persons - including informal associations (Eg. stokvels, churches, burial societies, schools, savings clubs, etc.)

PLEASE consult the relevant hyperlink below for details of what FICA documents we require for each type of account:

Type of Account
FICA requirements
Link for FICA documents Individuals
Foreign National Link for FICA documents Foreign Nationals
Link for FICA documents Minors
Close Corporation (CC)
Link for FICA documents Close Corporations
Link for FICA documents Partnerships
Companies (Listed and unlisted)
Link for FICA documents Companies
Link for FICA documents Trusts
Other Legal Persons - stokvels, investment clubs, etc.  Link for FICA documents Other Legal Persons