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Why should I consider buying a basket?

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to make every. single. decision. Imagine you could count on an expert or someone you think has the smarts to swoop in and pick out a selection of shares at certain amounts so you get just what you’re looking for? Enter Baskets.

A basket is a bunch of shares with assigned weightings which has been pre-selected by well-known personalities and pros! And like with everything we do we’re keeping things cheap cheap - the only additional cost to you (to buying all the shares invidually) is a teensy basket fee which is shown on your invoices at the end of your transaction.

If there is an item in your basket that you don’t want, you can take it out. But you can’t put anything else back in or replace what you have taken out with other shares.

If you remove any of the shares in your basket, the weighting will automatically re-adjust so that you still get 100% of the value you have put in. Each share purchased is invoiced individually and each will be included in your EasyEquities account the same way your other shares do on your account overview page.

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