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What price will I receive when I buy/sell securities?

Prices displayed on the website or the EasyEquities platform are 15 minute delayed prices or may be the previous day’s closing price for that security as quoted by the recognised exchange.

The different prices displayed on the platform are:

Last Traded Price: The price of the last transaction on the exchange. This is also the price your portfolio is valued off of. (15 minutes delayed)

Buying at price: The price that a buyer would pay to purchase the security. (15 minutes delayed)

Selling at price: The price that a seller would receive when selling their security. (15 minutes delayed)

EasyEquities at present only allows you to place Market Orders. That means that you will pay the best price in the market whether you are buying or selling and cannot choose the price at which you would like to buy or sell at.

Your trades will be executed at the prevailing market price, quoted by the relevant recognised exchange for that security, at the time we execute your trade as reflected in the Invoice (“Execution Price”) you will receive after your trade is confirmed.

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