Have you decided that you can afford a certain amount of money to invest every month / quarter / year, but remembering to make an EFT every single time you have those funds is too difficult to remember, and quite frankly becoming a bit of a chore.

Well Boomshakalaka. We have added Debit order functionality to the site to solve that very issue.

In the same way that you can set up a debit order to regularly pay your cellphone or DSTV account, you can now set up a debit order on EasyEquities to transfer money from your bank account into your EasyEquities account at regular intervals of your choosing ( Ie. every month / quarter / year ).

And "can I also choose how I would like that money invested each time the funds get transferred" I hear you ask. Well yes you can - and that's where our brilliant (if we can blow our own trumpet for a wee minute) Recurring Investments feature comes into play and makes regular investing as EasyAsFallingOffALog.

To view the costs associated with Debit orders, please consult our EasyEquities Cost Profile