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Withdrawing funds from your USD account to your Capitec bank account

Withdrawing funds from your USD account into your Capitec bank account is done in the same way that you would withdraw funds from any of your other accounts. 

Read more on withdrawing funds using your Capitec Widget here.

After you have actioned a withdrawal from your EasyEquities USD account via the Capitec widget you'll receive a phone call from the Capitec Forex Team within 2 business days to confirm the details of the payment they have received.

They will then indicate as to when you can expect to have this payment deposited to your Capitec bank account.

It's important to note that banks charge a fee to process this transaction and so when you make a withdrawal, consider the amount you are withdrawing and the impact the fees may have. Read more about withdrawing from your USD account and how to optimize on fees here.

Why can I only withdraw amounts over $20 out of my USD account?

When withdrawing money out of your EasyEquities USD account, you'll find that you can only withdraw amounts over $20. This is to make sure that your withdrawal amount is big enough to cover the fees which your bank charges you to release those funds back into your bank account.  

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