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I'm getting a ‘service unavailable’ message on the widget

If you are presented with a screen which says “EasyEquities is currently unavailable” your best bet is to log out of your app and log back in again. This usually resolves the issue. 

This screen is presented to you for any number of reasons. It could be that you are experiencing a break in internet connectivity, are trying to withdraw funds and have not yet verified your banking details. or that there’s extra strain on our system due to a high volume of people accessing their accounts at that moment in time. We can assure you that we’re constantly improving and optimizing how our platform handles these scenarios.  

If you find that logging out and back in again does not resolve your issue, you would need to log a ticket with our team so that we can do some more investigating into why this may be happening in your account. The problem may be very specific to you, and so we’d need to take a look at your individual account to work out what the problem may be.  

You can log a ticket here.  

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