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How does the Immediate Buy feature work?

The Immediate Buy feature on the Capitec widget allows you to instantly make an investment using funds directly from your bank account. This functionality carries an R8 charge from Capitec and is only applicable in your ZAR and TFSA accounts. 

How to use the Immediate Buy feature

After you have navigated to the Invest tab and selected the share you want to buy, you will be given the option to execute your transaction as a ‘Buy’ or an ‘Immediate Buy’ from either your bank account or your EasyEquities ZAR. 

Select the Immediate Buy option.

Confirm your purchase, along with the R8 charge. 

Your transaction will execute within 15 mins. 

Can I do Immediate Buys at any time?

The Immediate Buy feature will still apply to any investments you make outside of market hours. This transaction, which will be placed as a Buy Instruction, will go through as soon as markets open.

How does a Delayed Buy work?

Selecting ‘Buy’ when purchasing shares or ETFs in your account will allow you to make a funding transaction without incurring the R8 charge from Capitec. Instead, you will only incur the R1 charge from Capitec associated with regular transfers and you will wait up to 2 working days for the funds to be transferred from your bank account into your EasyEquities widget account. Only then will the transaction execute and the investment reflect in your portfolio. 

During this period while you are waiting for your investments to execute, you will be able to view them under your Pending Instructions. You can view your Pending Investments by navigating to the menu in the top left of your screen and selecting ‘Pending Instructions’. You cannot cancel these investments while they are in a pending state. 

The delayed buy feature is not available outside of market hours. Should you want to transact after market hours, this will need to be done by using the immediate buy functionality, or as a buy instruction which makes use of your available funds in your EasyEquities account. 

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