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How much does it cost to transfer funds into my USD account using the EasyEquities widget?

In our continuous quest to keep everything easy and inexpensive, the innovative folk at EasyEquities have developed EasyFX -an on-platform forex solution that enables you to convert available Rands in your EasyEquities ZAR account into dollars in your EasyEquities USD account so you can invest in the US instruments available there.  

The solution has a minimum fee of about a 1 / 5 (Yes - only one-fifth of the usual minimum fees bank forex solutions demand) and a two-day guaranteed exchange rate that gives clients the flexibility to determine if that rate will work in their favour - if not they can cancel it just before the close of the window.   

For details on how to use that solution - check out our How does the EasyFX solution work? FAQ article.  

PLEASE NOTE: This solution is ONLY available to South African citizens from their Rand (ZAR) Investment account on the platform.

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