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How to use our Knowledge Base for EasyEquities widget users

Navigating our knowledge base is as simple as searching for a topic that you would like to know more about. Based on the keyword you use, a number of articles (which we are constantly updating) will appear, and you are free to go through any and all that relate to your query.  

Here are a few need-to-knows to help you get the most out of your experience: 

Only the core functionality you need is available on the EasyEquities widget, including access to your ZAR, TFSA, USD and Demo accounts. You can invest, place buy or sell instructions and easily do inter-account transfers from your ZAR into your TFSA or USD accounts. 

As a result, you may come across certain features or functionality in our knowledge base, website or blog which aren’t displayed within your widget.  

As an EasyEquities investor, know that you have access to any and all of the features on our platform. Should you want to access those that lie outside of the widget, you are able to do so by logging into your EasyEquities account via mobile or desktop at  

Some of the terminology we use to describe features or functionality on our platform may be slightly different too. When we make mention of an Account Overview, you’ll recognise this in your widget as your Portfolio for example. Rest assured that the concepts are largely the same across both, and that plans to expand on the widget range of features are in place for the near future.  

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